Power grid cybersecurity leaders convene in-person in Edinburgh UK, in June 2022 to review recent implementations of the IEC 62443 standard | #cybersecurity | #conferences

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“Smart Grid Forums is on the leading edge of grid security.”Don Miller, Chief Technology Evangelist – Network Perception

Recent research conducted by Smart Grid Forums reveals that European power grid operators are now heavily invested in the implementation of IEC 62443 to manage the increasing cybersecurity risk to their OT asset base. Encouraged by early implementation results, pioneering grid operators are encouraging fellow utilities and supplier partners to adopt the standard more fully. As a result, Smart Grid Forums will be hosting the premier IEC 62443 Week 2022 conference, exhibition and networking forum on 13-17 June 2022, in-person in Edinburgh UK, to provide the sector with an intimate, safe and secure environment for exchanging best practice in the implementation of IEC 62443 for the power grid sector specifically.

The week-long event begins with a practical hands-on workshop on the Fundamentals of IEC 62443. Delivered by representatives of the ISA and IEC, this day provides participants with a comprehensive yet in-depth understanding of the essential building blocks of the standard.

Days two to four are the main conference and exhibition, with 100+ participants and 10 exhibitors coming together to review practical implementations of the standard in a variety of smart utility environments and supply chains. OT cybersecurity leaders from grid operators such as Swissgrid, Fingrid, Statnett, Vattenfall, and Landsnet among others, share how they have leveraged IEC 62443 to bring clarity and certainty to cybersecurity risk management discussions between IT and OT colleagues internally, and among their supplier ecosystems externally, to ensure both technical cybersecurity effectiveness as well as healthy return on cybersecurity investment.

The final day deep dives into Offensive cybersecurity strategies to help power grid operators guard against a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Let by Dragos this leading-edge briefing goes beyond IEC 62443 and reveals what is possible when power grid operators take a more proactive approach to getting ahead and staying ahead of the threat.


ENERGY TRANSITION – Adopting a forward-looking OT cybersecurity posture to enable energy system change at speed and scale

THREAT LANDSCAPE – Understanding the evolving threat landscape and mapping to IEC 62443 defined security levels to effectively mitigate threats using a risk-based approach

UTILITY PANEL: Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) – Establishing a framework for a cybersecurity management system with IEC 62443-2 to define policies, procedures, and guidelines for operators

EVOLVING STANDARD – Securing the development of an increasingly diversified and interconnected energy network with IEC 62443

ISO 27001 – Implementing IEC 62443 in an ISO 27001/2 series-oriented organisation to achieve measurable, technical security in the OT environment

RISK ASSESMENT – Enabling business continuity and organisational change through effective security risk management and governance based on IEC 62443-3-2 Security risk assessment for system and solution design

SECURITY LIFECYCLE – Applying IEC 62443-4-1 Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) requirements to achieve a sustainable full-lifecycle approach to security engineering

ACCESS CONTROL – Applying IEC 62443 alongside IEC 62351 to manage the risk brought about by increased data exchange and the evolution of distributed microservices

SUPPLY CHAIN – Utilising IEC 62443 2-1 and 2-4 as part of a strategy to manage increased complexity in supply chain security

TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PANEL – Adopting IEC 62443 across a wider range of power grid industrial automation control systems

ZONES AND CONDUITS – Applying IEC 62443 to design and implement standardised security zoning architecture in a geographically dispersed grid

SUBSTATION SECURITY PROFILE – Defining substation specific security requirements to facilitate IEC 62443 implementations

SECONDARY SYSTEMS – Overcoming complexity with a balanced approach to secondary systems cybersecurity in the substation environment

CERTIFICATION AND TESTING – Understanding the current scope of testing and certification of components, products, and systems based on IEC 62443 and the improvements required to fully meet the needs of utilities, system integrators and suppliers

FUNCTIONAL SECURITY – Creating simple, functional IACS cybersecurity controls to align with utility end-user needs

SMART METERING – Securing electronic access points and perimeters to mitigate threats from smart-metering infrastructure vulnerabilities

REGULATORY PANEL – To what extent is regulation driving IEC 62443 adoption and does it go far enough in doing so?

IIOT SECURITY – Extending IEC 62443 to overcome the additional security complexities introduced by the large-scale deployment of IIOT and Edge devices

ALIGNING SAFETY AND SECURITY – Developing a common barrier model with IEC 62443 and IEC 61508/11 to drive interoperability across the industry 4.0 value chain

REMOTE ACCESS – Implementing IEC 62443 to manage the risk brought about by increased remote access

SKILLS AND TRAINING – Accelerating development of the OT cybersecurity workforce as an industry to develop a suitably qualified OT cybersecurity workforce


· Gabriel Faifman, Co-Convenor – TC65 WG10

· Frances Cleveland, Convenor – TC57 WG15

· Pedro Marin Fernandes, IEC National Committee, Expert Member – TC65 WG10

· Andre Ristaino, Managing Director – ISA

· Michael Knuchel, Head of SAS Engineering – Swissgrid

· Sampo Turunen, Specialist Secondary Systems – Fingrid Oyj

· Siv Hilde Houmb, Senior Advisor – Statnett

· Jón Elías Þráinsson, CISO – Landsnet

· Michael Ebner, CISO – ENBW

· Jan Munkejord, Author & Philosopher within IACS – Equinor

· James Cole, Secondary Systems Manager – Evoenergy

· Samuel Ubido, Information Security Manager, Operational Technology – Uniper

· Deniz Tugcu, Senior OT Cyber Security Specialist – Vattenfall

· Christopher Thompson, Enterprise Architect, Operational Technology – SGN

· Santitos Garcia Zamora, High Voltage Substation Project Engineering – ENEL Distribution Peru

· Carlos Montes Portela, OT Security Manager & ISA/IEC-62443 Subject Matter Expert & Certified Trainer – Enexis

· Tahir Salem, OT Cybersecurity Manager – DEWA

· Mark Clemens, Connectivity Architect & Security Strategist – COPADATA

· Phil Tonkin, Senior Director Strategy – Dragos

· Mo Javadi, Co-founder and COO – DeltaFlare

· Cevn Vibert, Senior Cyber Compliance Manager – Ofgem

· Jens Wiesner, Head of Section – BSI

· Janne Hagen, Special Advisor Contingency Planning – NVE

· Pierre Kobes, Consultant for Industrial Cybersecurity – Dr Kobes Consulting

· Anjos Nijk, Managing Director – ENCS

· Jon Wells, Chairman Committee – OSGP

· Andy Bochman, Senior Grid Strategist, Defender – Idaho National Laboratory


Platinum Sponsor: Capula

Gold Sponsor: SUBNET

Silver Sponsor: COPADATA

Exhibitors: Siemens, ISA, DNV, Irius Risk

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