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The facility stewardship and fiscal responsibility goals include maintaining or improving the district’s current facilities and financial position and working toward a potential future referendum.

For employees, the district will create new wellness opportunities, “proactively address daycare options,” which Sween said may be needed to retain staff, and continue to work with the teachers union.


Sween noted the importance of training students and staff to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment, given the internet outage that affected the district Monday and Tuesday.

The district will implement “a robust and flexible cybersecurity protocol,” according to the strategic plan.

Amy Eppinger, instructional technology coordinator, said she will be working on training staff and putting in place additional cybersecurity measures like multi-factor authentication over the next five years. She said the average data breach costs more than $4 million and takes around 10 months to contain.

“It’s always been something important, but we can start talking about that team lift, because it’s not a tech department thing; it’s an everybody thing,” she said.

A new Wisconsin law, enacted in July, requires the school district to meet certain standards in order to keep its cybersecurity insurance, which is “actually a good thing,” Eppinger said, adding that district officials will develop a risk management plan, disaster recovery plan and continuation-of-business plan to provide to its insurer.

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