Polish Chancellery Head Reports Hacker Attack on His Email, Social Network Accounts | #emailsecurity


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WARSAW, June 9 (Sputnik) – Polish chancellery chief Michal Dworczyk said that his email and social network accounts have been hacked.

Late on Tuesday, national media reported that hackers had accessed classified documents from Dworczyk’s email.

“Government agencies have been informed about reports that my email, my wife’s mailbox as well as our accounts on social networks were hacked,” Dworczyk tweeted.

According to Dworczyk, given that he has been denied entry to Russia and Belarus for 11 years “as a person who actively backs democratic changes on the territory of the former Soviet Union,” he deems the attack to be a part of “full-scale disinformation actions involving false and manipulative information”.

The official noted that there was no classified or confidential information in the mailbox, which was subject to the hacker attack.

Commenting on a statement posted on his wife’s account allegedly on his behalf, Dworczyk said that suspicious activity had been detected on her profile.

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