Pixel 6 series to offer Google Pixel Pass subscription, an alternative to Apple One for android | #android | #security

According to new leaks, Google appears to be preparing to launch a new subscription bundle called “Pixel Pass,” which would include a new Pixel device, an extended warranty, and premium subscriptions to several Google services.

Brandon Lee published a leaked image that revealed the unconfirmed bundle. It’s unclear how much Pixel Pass will cost, but the documents indicate that it will be sold alongside the purchase of a Pixel device through Google Fi and the Google Store.

As Lee points out, Pixel Pass appears to be a hybrid of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade programme (which offers an iPhone through monthly subscription payments alongside an extended warranty) and its Apple One subscription services bundle.

Pixel Pass could be marketed as a way to simplify access to all of these services while also providing the security of an extended warranty. Pixel Pass may also provide savings over purchasing the services separately, though there is currently no indication of how much Pixel Pass will cost.

According to the documents, Pixel Pass will include up to four subscriptions: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, Google One, Play Pass, and Google Fi.

These services include video and music streaming, cloud storage, a subscription bundle for apps, and mobile network coverage. Google Stadia, the search giant’s cloud game streaming service, is not mentioned.

According to the leak, the extended device warranty will work in the same way as Google’s existing Preferred Care or Device Protection services, which protect against accidental and mechanical breakdown damage.

Preferred Care is currently only available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, while Device Protection is only available with the Google Fi service in the United States. This suggests that Pixel Pass may only be available in North America.

There’s no word on which Pixel phones will be included with the Pixel Pass. However, given that the Pixel 6 event is scheduled for October 19th, it appears likely that Pixel Pass will be introduced as a companion to the new flagship smartphone.

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