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National Crime Agency

  • The Russian hacking group Evil Corp is being sought by various international governments, suspected of a wide range of illegal activities.
  • The UK’s National Crime Agency said the group’s leader, Maksim „Aqua“ Yakubets, was charged in connection with „two separate international computer hacking and bank fraud schemes“ across the past 10 years that allowed his hacking group to steal millions of dollars.
  • Photos released of the group’s lavish lifestyle offer a look at how they spend the millions they’re accused of stealing, from exotic animals to custom Lamborghinis.
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The millionaire leader of what authorities have called „the world’s most harmful cyber crime group,“ Evil Corp, lives a life full of luxury items and exotic animals.

Maksim „Aqua“ Yakubets, a 32-year-old Russian man, was indicted on Thursday by US authorities. He’s charged with carrying out „two separate international computer hacking and bank fraud schemes“ across the past 10 years, siphoning millions of dollars from UK citizens into the coffers of Evil Corp, the UK’s National Crime Agency said.

Since Yakubets resides in Russia, the indictments won’t affect him unless he leaves the country. „If Yakubets ever leaves the safety of Russia,“ the agency said, „he will be arrested and extradited the US.“

For now, Yakubets still lives in Russia and is apparently living it up alongside his cohorts. When they’re not driving his custom Lamborghinis or taking videos of a lion cub roaming an ornate rug, they’re posing for photos with wads of cash.

Take a look.

Lamborghinis, baby lions, and stacks of cash: The Russian hackers in charge of ‚Evil Corp‘ are living an absurdly lavish lifestyle

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