Petrol station ‘fuel hack’ causes fierce debate | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

A driver has claimed petrol pumps are ripping road users off with “aerated fuel”, advising use of a funnel as a “fuel hack”. The road user claimed air in your petrol means drivers are being charged for more petrol than they are using.

He said: “It’s almost as if you pay for eight gallons but give between six and seven.”

He said: “You see that white foaming, like it’s tap water? That’s aerated fuel, which means if you pump eight gallons, you’re probably getting six realistically, that’s not air but it’s solid liquid.

“It’s like shaking up a beer can and pouring up a beer.

“A quick workaround if this problem comes up, with diesel especially, is a funnel.

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“So is that why my gas mileage seems to be a lot less?” another asked.

One user wrote: “This makes so much sense because I was telling my husband that it seems like my gas also isn’t lasting as long either! This is the reason, right?”

Another suggested: “Yup. fuel it slow. that’s the best option for getting your money’s worth.”

However, others were certain fuel pumps do not work with way.

One said: “I calibrate fuel pumps as part of my job, this is incorrect information.”

The Government regulates fuel pumps under the Weights and Measures Act 1985. Equipment is checked by a qualified officer during routine inspections for accuracy.

This is done by pouring 20 litres, measuring it, and then measuring it again when it has reached the UK’s standard fuel temperature, 15C. The change in level is measured and must be within a margin of allowable error.

The Act means similar tests are carried out to assess the accuracy of other equipment like scales in the Post Office, optics in pubs and airport weighing scales.

If you think a petrol pump is an inaccurate report the issue to your local Trading Standards department at your local council, which should investigate. Remember to take down the details of the petrol station you visited and the pump in question.

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