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The ad called for someone who did their own dishes, as well as a roommate who avoided casual conversations. Photo / 123rf

A Perth resident’s housemate ad has been applauded as being refreshingly honest.

Sharing a post on the Perth Buy And Sell Western Australia Facebook group, a man said that while he “really, really” didn’t want a housemate, he had decided to rent out a room so he could “save for a motorbike”.

He then listed the many traits he wanted in his future housemate. These included someone who smokes outside, “no paedophiles” and a preferably introverted roommate who largely kept to themselves.

However, computer hackers and FIFO workers would be considered.

“I really really don’t want a housemate, especially someone who talks too much or who has lots of visitors,” he wrote.

“Prefer someone who just wants to use the room to set up a lan for computer hacking 9-5 or FIFO workers 4/1.

“No eye contact or boring ‘polite’ casual conversations.”

Unrealistic and nitpicky or transparent and honest? Photo / Facebook.
Unrealistic and nitpicky or transparent and honest? Photo / Facebook.

On offer however was one large room with high ceilings, unlimited internet, with access to a large contained backyard complete with a lemon and orange tree. The rent was also enticingly priced at $165 a week.

The prospective tenant could also choose whether to receive the room furnished or unfurnished.

The poster also specified while his roommate could take marijuana or magic mushrooms ‘if they share,’ no other drugs were allowed.

Despite the specific demands made by the poster, comments responding to the ad complimented it for its transparency and honesty.

“Best room to rent ad ever. Expectations and boundaries laid upfront,” one woman wrote.

In 2019, a Sydney housemate ad raised a few eyebrows after the posted began sharing fears of “an evil monster that’s sucking away our potential”.

“His name is INSTANT gratification,” they wrote.

“There’s one area where instant gratification loses though, and that is peer pressure. Human beings are driven to belong in the tribe because being excluded meant, for thousands of years, certain death,” they wrote.

“So how do we take advantage of this amazing mechanism? By creating a share house that rewards good behaviour, duh!”

They then included a handwritten list which included an extensive list of demands like no cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, refined sugar, frozen food and fast food, with a strict lights-out policy after 11pm.

Bizarre requests like “daily smoothies as recommended by Rhonda” and “doing nice things for the community,” were also made.

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