Perfect stable comp shuts itself dwn, wakes up with huge temp spikes on CPU/GPU | #computers | #computerprotection

Temps of BOTH the CPU and the GPU are spiking and being out of bound of normal temps, or only CPU?

The computer not wanting to power-up for hours is definitely failsafes from your motherboard detecting high temps, so as protection, it won’t power-up, which is a good thing.

When powering-up your PC, do you have your case opened so you see how your fans behave? Do they all spin? Do they have LOW drops in RPM? Or do they just fluctuate from normal RPM to high RPM to keep up with your processor(s) temperatures spiking?

If temps are spiking that high, I doubt it’s software related for a starter. So I would look for your fans all working as they should, and if fans failing is ruled-out, it is most likely your PSU that is starting to fail. It could be the thermal paste on your processor(s) that dried, but I highly doubt it.

So check your fans, if they are okay, try a new PSU. But even though your MB have failsafes, your processor(s) having heated for a while for potentially an electrical reason could mean damage has already been done to it/them (CPU and GPU).

But CPUs are pretty hard to fry, so it might still be good. But don’t run your computer for too long while it behaves this way.

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