Pendella-HealthEE Partnership Closes the Protection Gap Bringing Individual Life and Disability Insurance to Hundreds of Thousands of Americans | #itsecurity | #infosec

FT. MYERS, Fla., Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pendella Technologies, a fast-growing technology company on a mission to take the bias out of life insurance, recently announced its partnership with HealthEE offering the company’s white-labeled, individual life and disability insurance solution to hundreds of thousands of HealthEE customers.

Through Pendella’s AI-powered enterprise SaaS solution, customers can easily buy an individual life and disability insurance policy all within a browser in minutes. Pendella’s digital life insurance solution is available to consumers at any time and gives them the opportunity to shop and compare insurance options tailored to their unique needs and provided by top-rated, national insurance carriers.

“HealthEE is on a mission to bring important health and life insurance protection to underserved middle-income Americans,” said Bob Gaydos, CEO of Pendella. “This partnership is another step towards closing the protection gap and creating greater financial security for hundreds of thousands of families.”

Pendella’s approach is holistic, leveraging technology with the goal of connecting and empowering every part of the life insurance ecosystem through partnerships with top-rated insurance providers and distributors, like HealthEE.

“The Pendella-HealthEE partnership will empower our end users to make life and disability accessible and affordable,” said Christian Stearns, CEO of HealthEE. “This partnership is the perfect example of the positive impact we can have on clients when businesses with similar values and purposes join forces.”

About Pendella

Pendella is a technology company that exists to make the financial protection of individual life and disability insurance available to all people, regardless of age, health status, or income level. Pendella’s full-stack, enterprise SaaS solution is powered by artificial intelligence and big data to automate underwriting and deliver a simple and intuitive experience to thousands of people through partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers and distributors. White-label customization enables a seamless end-to-end experience.,

About HealthEE

HealthEE is a digital storefront that provides individuals with a one-stop-shop retail experience for benefits via their smartphone or computer. HealthEE enables employees and members to purchase multiple coverages from one location – eliminating the buyer noise and directing them to trusted resources. HealthEE enables employers, brokers, and associations to offer benefits to those who are not on an employer-sponsored health plan or those who wish to bridge gaps in their current offering.

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