Pegasus spying: Missed calls, SIM card swap, and other ways your phone can be hacked | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Missed calls

Via Missed calls, Pegasus can target a phone.In May 2019, a vulnerability discovered in Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app was reportedly being exploited to inject commercial spyware onto Android and iOS phones by simply calling the target. The spyware developed can be installed without trace and without the target answering the call, according to security researchers and was confirmed by WhatsApp.

Fake apps

Hackers usually create fake apps imitating a popular app, and embed it with spyware or other malware. A majority of these apps are found on third-party app stores, on social media, as pop-up ads on the internet, or sometimes, hackers target users via messages and links on websites.

Whatsapp, emails and SMS

This is another popular technique used by hackers. These links or attachments are sent via emails or text messages on SMS, WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. Once a user click on these links, they inject a software or a virus that can take your personal information or take control of your device.

SIM card swap

SIM card swapping or a SIM hijack isn’t exactly the easiest ways of hacking smartphone data, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

This method enables a hacker to trick a mobile carrier into transferring a number to them, potentially leading to the user losing control over their social media accounts, banking apps and other sensitive logins and data. Essentially, any service that uses an OTP for authentication can be compromised by this method, making it very dangerous. Remember: your Aadhar authentication also happens via OTP.


Bluetooth file transfer from someone you don’t know. This is typically viral malware from another infected phone, trying to dump its payload into your device. Never accept unsolicited Bluetooth file transfers.

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