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They have been a go-to form of discipline for generations of mums and dads – but Parenting Expert Justin Coulson says sending a child to ‘time-out’ when they are misbehaving not only doesn’t work, it can potentially be damaging.

Dr Coulson says while it might initially appear time-outs are working as they prevent the immediate escalation of bad behaviour, the long term effects of the popular discipline method are not worth the short term gain.

“Time-out teaches a child that their parents’ love is conditional, it teaches them their emotions and behaviour are unacceptable, which could be true, but it also teaches a child that they are not worthy of parental love,” he says.

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Time-outs send the wrong message, Dr Coulson says. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

This can lead to emotional distress, lower self-esteem and poorer emotional health. Dr Coulson says an alternative to time-outs when children are behaving badly are ‘time-ins’.

“When we have time-ins we see our child struggles and we show reason, empathy and persuasion.”

Watch the video at the top of this article to see Dr Coulson explain how ‘time-ins’ work.

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