#parent | #kids | Transcript: Mother of patient, Initiative 65 advocate on what’s next for medical marijuana in Mississippi | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey

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Adam Ganucheau: [00:00:00] Welcome to The Other Side, Mississippi Today’s political podcast. The Other Side lets you hear directly from the most connected players and observers across the spectrum of politics in Mississippi. 

Geoff Pender: [00:00:17] Welcome to The Other Side podcast. I’m Geoff Pender. I’m here today with my fellow Mississippi Today reporter Bobby Harrison.

Bobby Harrison: [00:00:25] Hey Geoff. 

Geoff Pender: [00:00:26] Hello. And we have a guest today. We have Angie Calhoun from Puckett who is actually chairwoman of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association. And anyone who’s kept up with Initiative 65 and Mississippi’s medical marijuana issues in the last year, year or better, might remember Ms. Calhoun. She spoke very passionately at several of the public hearings that the secretary of state had on Initiative 65. Ms. Calhoun I believe got into the medical marijuana issue very personal reasons. And welcome by the way. 

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