Palo Alto Networks webinar to shine spotlight on cloud security automation stack | #cloudsecurity

Frans de Waal, Prisma Cloud Sales Specialist, Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks, in partnership with ITWeb, is set to host a webinar outlining the Cloud Security Automation Stack, a framework for representing all aspects of infrastructure and security as code, coupled with automation, applied throughout the build, deploy and run phases.

The event comes as organisations reevaluate their application architectures and step up their digital transformation, with the rapid adoption of the cloud, containers, microservices and DevOps processes.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, organisations globally have increased their cloud workloads by more than 20%, leading to an explosion of security incidents,” says Frans de Waal, Prisma Cloud Sales Specialist at Palo Alto Networks.

“Our research shows that cloud security programmes for organisations are still in their infancy when it comes to approaches such as DevSecOps and shift left, and that rapid cloud scale and complexity without automated security controls embedded across the entire development pipeline are a toxic combination,” says de Waal.

Palo Alto Networks’ research found that as organisations shifted workloads to the cloud, security incidents spiked, particularly in the retail, manufacturing and government sectors. “Cloud security incidents increased by 188% in April to June last year,” he says.

Among the top security risks identified during this time were unencrypted cloud data, exposure of cloud resources to public access, and insecure port configurations. As many as 35% of businesses globally permitted their cloud storage resources – many of which contain sensitive data – to be publicly accessible from the internet.

To help South African organisations mitigate risks, the Palo Alto Networks webinar on 30 November will elaborate on how DevOps and security teams should leverage automation and infrastructure as code, with security natively injected at the appropriate points, to secure critical cloud native assets.

The event will also outline the trends and new tooling approaches in South Africa as the local environment changes, with a demo of how the Cloud Security Automation Stack helps secure microservices running as containers on the Kubernetes platform.

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