Pakistan successfully prevents cyber attack on its government website | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Pakistan successfully has prevented a cyber attack on its governmental website, it emerges on Tuesday.

The sources in the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) confirm that the website was restored within a short time.

  • The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) has successfully thwarted an attempted cyberattack on its National Telecom Corporation (NTC) system.
  • NTC is an official Telecom/ICT service provider to the Government of Pakistan.
  • According to the IT ministry, the attack was launched on the networking website at 11:30 am Tuesday which was prevented because of a “safe cyber security system” in place.

As reported, attempts were made of trying to block the internet traffic through distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

IT Ministry Islamabad officials have confirmed that no data was stolen in DDoS Attack.

IT Firewall Ministry officials tried to stop the cyber-attack.

“Government and private websites were under attack. And no data not been stolen,” it added.

Officials of IT ministry said that the cyber-attack has been stopped through IT firewall.

“Details from all relevant institutions have been asked. Secretary IT has convened a meeting tomorrow,” IT Ministry officials said.





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