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A new report has indicated that Paige’s upcoming WWE departure may be being used to scam wrestling promoters out of money.

Paige’s contract with WWE will expire on July 7, 2022. The 29-year-old has decided not to sign another one, parting ways with the company after 11 years. She announced her exit on Twitter, expressing gratitude to the company and her fans.

As the typical 90-day ‘no-compete clause’ isn’t attached to contract expiration, the Anti-Diva will be able to work anywhere as soon as she pleases. She has already added a booking contact email to her Twitter profile.

While her brand name should mean that wrestling promoters around the world will be looking to book her, it didn’t take long for a scammer to use her departure to their advantage.

Ringside News is now reporting that someone reached out to them as a “concerned fan” and asked them to promote an email address that did not match the original booking contact email which is in her Twitter bio.

Although there is no proof that this reported email was sent in bad faith, this would not be the first time that someone has used the name of a wrestler to scam promoters and fans out of their money.

What does the future have in store for Paige?

Man all of you have made me feel like the coolest person in the world 🥹 Appreciate all the love and support. I’ll miss WWE greatly but I’m nervous but excited for the future. Thank you ❤️If you wanna come hang out, I’m about to start my ❤️

As stated above, Paige’s WWE contract will expire on July 7 this year, and she will not be signing a new deal with the company. In her Twitter bio, she has posted a new email for bookings and business inquiries. This means that she will be available for all sorts of projects after she leaves WWE.

In-ring action might not be on the cards for the former Divas Champion for now, so her initial appearances might be restricted to autograph signings and personnel appearances at wrestling shows. However, her desire for a wrestling return might mean that future in-ring bookings are not completely off the table.

Many fans have speculated about where her future lies, and many say that she might sign with WWE’s main competitor, All Elite Wrestling.

Whatever lies in the future for Paige, her role in the rise of women’s wrestling over the past decade means that the eyes of the wrestling world will be on her next move. Many hope that a possible return to in-ring competition comes to fruition.

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