Opposition Grills Minister on MyGovNL Outage | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

The Official Opposition grilled the Liberal government about the MyGovNL outage in the House of Assembly Thursday.

The website has been down since earlier this week.

PC MHA Loyola O’Driscoll questioned Minister of Digital Government and Service NL, Sarah Stoodley about the outage, and if it is the result of a cyber attack or security breach.

Stoodley responded by saying that about five or six months ago the platform was upgraded to a more secure platform and they signed an agreement with a new vendor.

She says that the vendor is having some issues, which she calls “completely unacceptable.”

Stoodley notes that she spoke with them a few days ago and there has been no cyber attack and it’s a technical issue that they are working with the company to resolve.

O’Driscoll pressed on, asking if any information has been compromised.

Stoodley was firm in saying that “absolutely no information has been compromised” and there’s no risk of any data being breached.

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