OPP: More Than $505,000 Lost By Victims Of Scams In Southern Bruce County In Recent Months | #socialmedia

Provincial Police are warning about fraud in southern Bruce County after a number of successful cons in recent months.

South Bruce OPP say they received 53 reports of fraud between March 31 and July 26. Thirty-seven of the cons resulted in a victim losing money or having personal information obtained.

Police say 21 of the reported incidents involved money being sent to a con artist for a combined total dollar loss of more than $505,000.

According to the OPP, the most costly scams were cyber fraud occurrences where tricksters usually demand cryptocurrency — such as Bitcoin — or gift cards.

“Cons and scams are attempted daily by phone, social media, email, text, fax, mail or door to door,” South Bruce OPP say in a release.

Police say tech-savvy scammers will use technology to create convincing schemes. Some strategies of fraudsters include using the name of an established company, organization or branch of government, or even pretend to be someone you know.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported more than 28,000 Canadians lost a combined $105.4 million through the first six months of 2021.

OPP stress the best defence against falling victim to a fraud is to always verify any unsolicited contact.

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