Only system disrupted but no data stolen, says FBR chief | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

ISLAMABAD: After exceeding tax collection by Rs160 billion in the first two months against the envisaged target, the Chairman FBR Dr Muhammad Ashfaque said on Tuesday that the government would honour its obligations in case of those who had availed tax amnesty for possessing offshore assets abroad. The FBR chief conceded that the cyber attack on FBR’s database succeeded in disrupting the system but failed to get access to any data or transaction details. “The FBR is not in the business of repatriation of money but we are supposed to tax unexplained/undeclared assets lying abroad. The government provided two tax amnesties and owners of offshore assets whitened their assets/ income by availing these schemes. We got information from OECD in bulk but if the parliament has granted amnesty scheme, then it has become a routine issue for us,” the newly-appointed Chairman FBR Dr Muhammad Ashfaque said in his maiden press conference here at the Board’s headquarters.

When asked about the cyber attack on the FBR’s database and having any link with the resignation of CEO PRAL, the chairman FBR replied that the CEO PRAL had tendered his resignation prior to the cyber attack on database, he had completed his notice period and was now no more attached with them. However, the FBR’s Chief Information Officer, Mansoor, replied that there was no evidence that the FBR’s data was leaked but the attackers succeeded in disrupting the system. “There has been a breach of system and it seems that the attackers did not want to go beyond that,” he said and added there were total 850 data machines out of which 400 got disrupted. “The data was not lost at all,” he made it clear.

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