Online scams are increasing for Huntsville’s Von Braun Center | #scams | #scammers

Online scams are increasing for one popular Huntsville venue.

The public relations manager said that the Von Braun Center has always experienced scams online, but during COVID, they’ve seen a lot more of them.

Online scams have increased during the coronavirus pandemic for the Von Braun Center.

Recently, the center has seen people get Facebook messages from accounts that look like their Facebook page. Those fake pages are even using the same posts that the Von Braun Center is uploading, but there is a key difference.

Those pages have only been up for a short amount of time, whereas the Von Braun Center’s Facebook page dates back to 2007.

“So, we’re seeing that. We’re seeing ticket scalpers on our event pages. They’re posting and a lot of them are bots, but they’re posting, you know, a family member passed away or something and they can’t make the event unfortunately, so they’re going to sell their tickets. That has really increased a lot,” said Samantha Nielsen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the Von Braun Center.

Nielsen said to combat those ticket scalpers, they’ve switched all their Facebook pages to private. Now, if you ever want to verify if an event is real, you can go to the Von Braun Center’s website.

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