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Opening, reading and even editing PDF files in Microsoft Edge is finally set to get a lot more intuitive and useful thanks to a new upgrade.

The browser has revealed a new update which will allow users highlight sections on PDFs that they may not have been given access to comment on, as well as scanned documents. 

Starting in Microsoft Edge version 95, the company says that the PDF editing, viewing and markup experience will be improved with the addition of freeform highlighters.

So long autoplay

Highlighters aren’t the only Microsoft Edge update for PDF files, as further upgrades include the ability for users to scroll and navigate through their document using thumbnails. 

These clickable images will display in the pane on the left side of the PDF reader from Microsoft Edge version 92, similar to how Google Chrome displays PDFs to its users.

The browser has also recently revealed Microsoft Edge versions 87 and above will introduce support for “free text boxes” within a PDF file, allowing users to add a freeform text box into documents wherever they need to. This could allow users a much quicker and easier way to fill in forms or add in annotations or corrections to a document.

The news comes shortly after Microsoft Edge suggested it may soon bring relief to users everywhere by working on a tool that will finally allow users to stop auto playing media when online.  Microsoft Edge version 92 will include the option to change the default entry on allowing auto playing media in the browser, with the update rolling out now.

Recent data from Statcounter shows that Edge has now overtaken established rival Firefox in the rankings to run second behind Chrome in the browser wars. 

The latest figures suggest Microsoft Edge now holds 3.4% of the browser market, while Firefox has slipped to 3.29%, continuing a downward trajectory that has seen the browser either lose or maintain market share in ten of the last twelve months.

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