Onam kit scam: BJP files complaint with vigilance director demanding probe | Supplyco| Viogilance director | #cyberfraud | #criminal | #cybercrimnals

Thiruvananathapuram: A complaint has been forwarded to the vigilance director demanding a probe into the Onam kit scam. The complaint was filed by BJP state committee member Sandeep Vachaspathy. In his complaint, Sandeep mentioned that several scams took place in connection with the distribution of Onam kits.

“There was corruption in the distribution of jaggery, coconut oil, pappadam and cloth bags. Corruption was involved in tender procedures as well,” the compliant stated. Sandeep also alleged that there was a move to hand over the contract to the same distributors again.

The distributor who offered a lesser price was overlooked while handing over the contract. Supplyco has not even blacklisted the distributor who gave substandard items. There was a conspiracy behind all these scams, he stated.

The complaint was filed against 13 people including minister P Thilothaman and Supplyco MD.

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