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The official Twitter account of the Uttar Pradesh government was hacked on Monday.

The official Twitter account of the UP government was hacked on Monday. (Photo: Rep)

After the Twitter account of the Office of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was hacked on Saturday, strange tweets were posted from the official account of the Uttar Pradesh handle on Monday. The tweets were deleted shortly thereafter.

One tweet said, “In celebration for the reveal of the Beanz Official Collection, we have opened up an airdrop to all active NFT traders in the community for the next 24 hours! Claim your beanz. Take the red bean fren.”

In subsequent tweets, a number of random accounts were tagged.

Earlier on Monday morning, the Twitter account of the Punjab unit of the Congress was hacked and similar tweets were posted.

The account posted over 100 tweets in a few minutes, tagging random accounts, most of which seemed to be bots and related to activities around digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFT) and cryptocurrencies.


The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office’s official Twitter account was hacked in the early hours of Saturday, April 9.

After the UP CMO official Twitter was taken over by hackers, more than 400-500 tweets were made from the account. The hackers had also removed the Chief Minister’s display picture from the Twitter handle.

An FIR was registered in this regard against unknown persons under relevant sections of the IT Act at the cyber police station in Lucknow.


Additionally, the Twitter accounts of the University Grant Commission and the Indian Meteorological Department of India were hacked recently.

The hacks may have been carried out by the same person or group as all the compromised accounts posted tweets related to digital assets and currencies.

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