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Suspect Korey James Thomas is accused of kidnapping, raping, and torturing a woman he reportedly met on Tinder.

A 37-year-old Oakland man has been arrested and faces up to seven felonies and one misdemeanor charge for the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of woman he reportedly met on a dating app, then held hostage inside his home for three days. 

An Oakland police arrest report shows that Korey James Thomas was arrested Monday afternoon in the Maxwell Park neighborhood just a block from where the alleged kidnapping took place. 

Thomas is suspected of rape by force, false imprisonment, torture, and sexual penetration with a foreign object with force, in addition to making criminal threats and domestic battery. 

The victim, a 25-year-old woman, managed to escape her kidnapper on Monday and run to a stranger’s nearby house for help, according to a neighbor who came to her aid and detailed the story in a Nextdoor post. 

According to court documents obtained by KTVU, Thomas has multiple prior convictions for selling drugs, unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, possession of cocaine and marijuana with the intent to sell it, robbery, pimping children under 16 years old, human trafficking, stalking, and gun possession among a long list of charges. 

Thomas also spent time in prison for false imprisonment and human trafficking, for which he received an eight year sentence. He was released in Sept. 2017, according to court records. 

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The situation has left many unanswered questions in a dramatic and unusual situation that has left residents and beyond bewildered and afraid. 

The saga of the woman’s rescue has only been revealed from that good Samaritan’s perspective. He wrote that he heard the woman scream for help and describe her captivity and escape. The woman told her neighbor that she had met the man on Tinder.  The good Samaritan has since declined to be interviewed. 

As he was hearing her harrowing tale, the good Samaritan wrote that the alleged abductor pulled up in a car.

He wrote that he remained between the suspect and the woman, saying she was “shaking, crying and almost incoherent,” until the man drove away and police arrived.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong himself knows about the case. He posted a message to the good Samaritan, thanking him for his courage and for helping the woman flee a dangerous situation.

The neighbor wrote in his online post that what disappointed him most about the situation was the woman ran two blocks, past people, who didn’t offer any help.

But Fee Sloan who lives near Thomas’s home on Walnut Street said she didn’t hear any cries for help at the time.

Other neighbors have started to learn about the woman’s story and are scared, especially because they haven’t been told a lot of information about what happened. 

 “I’m really sorry for the young lady that this the situation happened to her,” said neighbor Diamond Cross. “I’m really happy that she was able to get away.”


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