oak9 Adds Industry-First Automated Remediation Capability to Infrastructure as Code Security, Accelerating Cloud Native Development | #cloudsecurity

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Automating security for developers just got a little easier thanks to oak9, the leader in cloud native security. Today, oak9 announced infrastructure as code remediation helping developers automatically maintain security and compliance without sacrificing speed.

“We are a developer-first cloud native security company and oak9’s automated remediation capability was designed with the developer in mind. What’s unique about oak9’s automated remediation is the security, assurance and education it gives developers,” said Om Vyas, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at oak9. “It’s simply not enough to call out that a bug exists in a developer’s cloud infrastructure. oak9 points out security and compliance issues as soon as code changes, taking security to the last mile by teaching the developer, ‘here’s how to risk-appropriately secure this code’, and at the developer’s choice with one click, remediate the code with oak9’s recommendation.”

Developers see suggested changes directly within their code repository with a pull request created by oak9. Developers then see a side-by-side comparison showing compliant code against security gaps, an explanation on why the code was flagged, and then empowers developers with the choice to remediate the code with one click. Additionally, oak9 monitors security changes on a recurring schedule throughout the entire DevSecOps lifecycle, including post-deployment where developers can continue to take advantage of automatic remediation.

The need to shift left and guarantee cloud native application security at the earliest stages in the development lifecycle is growing, and oak9’s recently announced integrations continue to drive a true shift left to keep companies secure at a time when finding security talent is a struggle.

oak9 reduces costs and increases time to market, seamlessly integrating into the software development lifecycle, consistently analyzing infrastructure as code, and natively incorporating security based on a holistic view of an application’s architecture and components.

oak9 is currently available on AWS marketplace and Azure marketplace. Customers can try oak9 free here.

About oak9

oak9 is the cloud native security leader supporting DevSecOps across the entire development lifecycle by continuously finding, analyzing, and remediating cloud infrastructure security and compliance issues in real-time, as infrastructure as code (IaC) changes. oak9’s proprietary security as code (SaC) blueprints secure cloud native applications and support 20-plus compliance standards out-of-the-box including HIPAA, HITRUST, FCA, PCI, SOC2 and ISO27001. oak9’s open-sourced security as code also enables security engineers to extend oak9 security blueprints for additional guard rails. Headquartered in Chicago, oak9 is a Built in 2022 Start-up to Watch growing across North America, South America, Europe and India. oak9 partners with HashiCorp, AWS, and Microsoft, and actively supports the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Keep in touch with oak9 on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, or visit oak9.io.


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