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Nvidia is updating its Shield TV line of Android TV devices to Android 11 after skipping the Android 10 update due to a lack of noteworthy features.

Nvidia is rolling out a new Android update to its Shield TV line of Android TV devices that upgrades the OS from Android 9 to Android 11. There are several Android TV streamers on the market, but Nvidia’s Shield TV is one of the most trusted and easily recommended. This is thanks to its expansive features and impressive track record for software support — something other streaming devices often struggle with.

The TV streaming devices space is filled with several options coming in different shapes and sizes. The operating system and user interface can even differ among models. Some run Android or Google TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, or Roku. Apple also has its own streaming device that runs a different operating system called tvOS.


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A blog post recently revealed the new Android 11 update is rolling out as Shield Experience 9.0. It’s arriving on not only the cylindrical-like Shield TV and the Shield TV Pro, but also the Shield TV released back in March 2015 (initially shipping with Android 5.0 Lollipop). This means it has received software support for nearly seven years. All of the Nvidia Shield TV models were previously on Android 9 before this new software upgrade. Nvidia had declined to update the devices to Android 10, citing the lack of new features beneficial to users. While Android 11 for TV is not the latest version as Google has already released Android 12 for TV, that version of the software is only available for the ADT-3 Developer Kit and not any consumer streaming devices.

A Handful Of New Features For Shield TV Users

The NVIDIA Shield TV is getting updated to Android 11

The update doesn’t bring changes to the user interface as the Shield TVs already got a UI change to the Google TV-like interface that launched with the Chromecast with Google TV. However, there are some new features, such as a new keyboard app powered by Gboard. The new keyboard adds the ability for users to use Google Assistant voice search in all search boxes. The streaming devices have also gotten support for aptX compatible Bluetooth headphones and the option to automatically disconnect Bluetooth devices when the Shield TV goes to sleep.

The changelog mentions a new energy saver setting for more control over power customization, the option to switch to high-resolution audio to match users’ content, and new privacy and permissions features. It also mentions the Android security patch level is updated to September 2021 and that Stadia button support is available for Xbox, Playstation, and Shield controllers. The Nvidia Shield TV has also gained support for streaming PC games in 4K HDR for those with a GeForce Now RTX 3080 subscription.

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