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Navi Delhi: The Union Ministry of Information and Technology has sent a notice to all social media platforms in the country seeking some information under the new law. It asks for the services provided along with the company name, website, app information and details of the respective company executives in India. WhatsApp has challenged this same legal provision in the Delhi High Court. In this, he cited citizens because of this law right to privacy (Right to privacy) Touted as violator. However, the central government has clarified that the right to privacy is a fundamental right and is not intended to violate it (the Modi government has issued a notice seeking information on all social media in INIDA).

Disclosure of Information and Technology Ministry of Information of Central Government Dis

Reacting to the petition, the central government said, ‘Right to privacy is a constitutional right. The government does not intend to violate the right to privacy. But WhatsApp will have to provide a source of dangerous message for the country. WhatsApp will have to provide the source of messages related to national security, foreign relations, any kind of crime. ”

Center violates right to privacy, WhatsApp airs live in High Court

The Modi government at the Center has amended the Information and Technology Act to make it mandatory for WhatsApp to provide information about the origin of messages. After this, WhatsApp went directly against it to the Delhi High Court. WhatsApp challenged the Centre’s decision, saying the Centre’s decision violated the ‘right to privacy’.

WhatsApp said that its messaging chat service is encrypted end-to-end, adding that we do not keep track of the message sender and the receiver of the message. WhatsApp said in its petition, ‘Asking to track any WhatsApp chat is like keeping an eye on every message. This would violate end-to-end encryption. It will also reduce citizens’ right to privacy. “

“Civil society organizations and experts around the world oppose the rules that violate the privacy of WhatsApp users. We are working closely with all these. Apart from this we also work with the Government of India to find a viable solution. Doing it. It involves providing information after some legal request to keep people safe, “said a WhatsApp spokesperson.

The new information technology law will violate many things

WhatsApp also said that the new rules of the Union Ministry of Information and Technology will harm the interests of the country and other provisions of the law by disclosing the identity of the original messenger of the message.

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