Notable & Quotable: Nicolas Maduro Goes Woke | #socialmedia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro attends a ceremony for Workers Day in Caracas, May 1.



From “Nicolás Maduro Tries a New PR Campaign: Going Woke” by

Tony Frangie Mawad

for Politico, May 8:

As Venezuela’s government has spun deeper into autocracy, the nation has become increasingly isolated on the global stage, creating both a humanitarian and reputational crisis for the oil-rich nation. Now, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed radical socialist politics give it a potential alternative point of connection to younger people in the U.S. and elsewhere—one that the Maduro government is clearly trying to leverage.

Today, when the Venezuelan government shares messages on social media and Maduro speaks in public, Venezuelan observers have noted that he increasingly relies on progressive language familiar to young Western leftists. In contrast to older bellicose speeches loaded with macho (and sometimes homophobic) imagery, Maduro is now co-opting the language of “feminism, LGBTI rights, the environment,” says

Rafael Uzcátegui,

the general coordinator of PROVEA, Venezuela’s most prestigious and oldest human rights organization.

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