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MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University announces its graduates. The following students from this area satisfied their degree requirements in May.


Baraga –Bryan Welsh, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership

Chassell –Trent Ledgerwood, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Crystal Falls –Connor Dalpra, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Gladstone –Tyler Flynn, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Gulliver –Anthony Williams, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Gwinn –Nathan Belongia, CER-Electrical Line Technician; James Harnick, CER-Electrical Line Technician; Reid Hill, CER-Welding

Iron River –Lucas Shovald, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Ishpeming –Braeden Arsenault, CER-Electrical Line Technician; Taylor Dellangelo, CER-Heating/Air Cond/Refrigeration; Jacob Kugler, CER-Heating/Air Cond/Refrigeration; Chad Pohlman, CER-Heating/Air Cond/Refrigeration; Angelina Porres, CER-Welding

L’Anse –Luke Lambert, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Marquette –Nathan Kauppila, CER-Electrical Line Technician; Krystal Koskey, CER-Applied Workplace Leadership; Alexandra Lewis, CER-Cosmetology; Finnian Whalen, CER-Automotive Service Technology

Munising –Austin Curtis, CER-Welding

Ontonagon –Michael Nordang, CER-Electrical Line Technician

Associate Degree

AuTrain –Lily Harris, AA-General Studies, with Honor

Brimley –Grace Johnston, AAS-Radiography, with Honor

Champion –Kathryn Arpiainen, AB-General Business

Chassell –Carly Goddard, AAS-Radiography, with High Honor

Crystal Falls –Autumn Conibear, AA-General Studies

Dollar Bay –Natalie Maxson, AAS-Radiography, with Honor

Germfask –Katelynn Harrison, AA-General Studies

Gladstone –Paige Loehr, AAS-Radiography

Gwinn –Joleen Desautelle, AS-General Studies; Madison Longendyke, AS-Criminal Justice, with Honor; Anthony Salinas, AS-General Studies; Trevor Walker, AAS-Hospitality Management; Emily Wasilewski, AB-General Business; Larissa Wixtrom, AAS-Hospitality Management, with High Honor

Iron Mountain –Victoria Sorensen, AB-General Business, with High Honor

Iron River –Allie Schive, AAS-Radiography, with Honor

Ishpeming –Berkli Asgaard, AS-General Studies, with Honor; John Corkin, AAS-Electrical Technology; Madilynn Harriman, AAS-Radiography, with Honor; Amanda Holman, AA-General Studies; Eyricka Oglesby, AA-General Studies; Crystal Perry, AB-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense; Holly Rivord, AS-General Studies; Seth Tackman, AAS-Electrical Technology

Lake Linden –Logan Muljo, AAS-Radiography

Laurium –Madison Ninko, AS-General Studies

Marquette –Jonathan Alexander, AA-General Studies; Samuel Becker, AAS-Electrical Technology; Joseph Calderon, AA-General Studies, with High Honor; Jared Charles, AAS-Restaurant Operations, with Honor; Brittany Cunningham, AT-Automotive Service Technology; Elena Erla, AA-General Studies; Benjamin Griffin, AAS-Welding, with Honor; Katherine Havel, AAS-Building Technology, with High Honor; Hali Koepp, AAS-Radiography, with Honor; Ryker LaFlame, AB-General Business; Sierra Lancour, AAS-Radiography; Kevin Maas, AA-General Studies; Megan McIntire, AAS-Radiography; Griffin Moore, AB-General Business; Sarah Page, AAA-Art and Design; Kyle Pascoe, AT-Automotive Service Technology; Nickolas Plourde, AB-General Business; Alexander Sherbinow, AAS-Welding, with Honor; Fred Sims, AA-General Studies; Gloria Talley, AAA-Art and Design, with Honor; Beau Zorza, AB-General Business

Michigamme –Jordan Latimer, AS-General Studies

Munising –Luke Seaberg, AAS-Industrial Maintenance

Negaunee –Logan Chaudier, AAS-Industrial Maintenance; Jake Hill, AAS-Electrical Technology; Darla Mensch, AS-Criminal Justice; Kendra Renfors, AB-General Business; Jacob Stine, AA-General Studies; Carter Tredeau, AAS-Welding

Palmer –Drew Patraw, AB-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense, with High Honor

Skandia –Roubens Fink, AA-General Studies

Trenary –Sydney Emard, AAS-Radiography, with Honor; Miranda MillinAAS-Radiography, with Honor

Baccalaureate Degree

Arnold –Brenna Bruce, BS-Biology

Bessemer –Cameron Lake, BS-Accounting, Summa Cum Laude

Brimley –Rylee LaLonde, BS-English, Magna Cum Laude

Calumet –Phillip Helminen, BS-Criminal Justice, Cum Laude

Carney –Sarah Jackson, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude

Champion –Brock Honn, BS-Construction Management

Crystal Falls –Carolyn Bloomburg, BS-Speech, Language & Hearing Sci, Cum Laude; Madison Hundley, BS-Biology; Dawson Ponchaud, BS-Mathematics/Secondary Ed, Cum Laude

Dollar Bay –Kara Pietila, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude

Escanaba –Emma Bouche, BS-Biology, Magna Cum Laude; Sarah Scheeneman, BSW-Social Work

Felch –Gabriel Johnson, BS-Construction Management, Cum Laude

Gladstone –Sharon Damitz, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Evinette Sexton, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Jeffrey Stenson, BS-Criminal Justice, Summa Cum Laude; Casey Wolf, BS-Biochemistry, Cum Laude

Gwinn –Madeline Farley, BS-Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt; Sydney Flourre, BS-Speech, Language & Hearing Sci, Cum Laude; Madison Longendyke, BS-Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude; Stephanie Lukkonen, BS-Psychology; Abigail Roemer, BS-Biology; Gary Trombley, BS-Native American Studies, Cum Laude; Marissa Trombley, BS-Biology, Cum Laude

Hancock –Maija Sebbas, BS-Entrepreneurship

Houghton –Olivia DuBay, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed, Magna Cum Laude; Madison Eddy, BS-Sports Science; Joshua Huffman, BFA-Art and Design

Iron Mountain –Megan Bashaw, BSN-Nursing, Summa Cum Laude; Zachary Celello, BS-Psychology, Summa Cum Laude; Makenna Dabb, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Aleah Hanson, BSN-Nursing; Mya Khor, BS-Financial Management, Cum Laude; Sawyer Kujala, BS-Construction Management, Cum Laude; Sophie Sam, BS-Theatre & Entertainment Arts, Cum Laude

Iron River –Allie Schive, BS-Clinical Health Science, Cum Laude

Ironwood –Caitlyn Bolen, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Amanda Kytola, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Ishpeming –Brenden Arnold, BS-Mathematics; Jaime Betts-Skytta, BS-Criminal Justice; Nicholas Conroy, BS-Social Media Design Mgmt, Magna Cum Laude; Elizabeth Farley, BS-Biology, Cum Laude; Madeline Gabka, BS-Music; Madilynn Harriman, BS-Clinical Health Science, Cum Laude; Christian Henderson, BS-Criminal Justice; Russ Honkala, BS-Construction Management; Rachel Mackey, BS-Psychology; Oskar Martinez, BA-Music; Camron Mason, BS-Health & Phys Ed/Secondary Ed, Cum Laude; Mariel Morton, BS-English, Cum Laude; Kyle Selmser, BS-Accounting; Maeve Serier, BS-Integrated Sci/Elementry Ed, Cum Laude

Laurium –Brendan Sullivan, BS-Criminal Justice

Manistique –Mikala Costello, BS-Psychology; Darien Nichols, BS-Psychology, Cum Laude; Jane Replogle, BS-Writing, Summa Cum Laude

Marquette –Kelsey Abbott, BS-Environmental Science; Breanna Argeropoulos, BS-History, Cum Laude; Olivia Arntsen, BSN-Nursing; Katelyn Axford, BS-Psychology; Nicole Bal, BSW-Social Work, Cum Laude; Mike Banks, BS-Multimedia Production; Peyton Bonevelle, BS-Biology, Cum Laude; Abigail Boozer, BS-Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Samantha Brink, BS-History, Magna Cum Laude; Stephanie Bryan, BSW-Social Work, Summa Cum Laude; Austyn Buckley, BSW-Social Work, Cum Laude; Kathryn Buhrmann, BS-English; Emily Burbey, BS-Art and Design; Aleysia Burgard, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Dakota Calton, BS-Economics; Gabriel Camarena, BS-Criminal Justice; Andrea Carpenter, BS-Psychology; Claudia Chavez-Rhoades, BS-Applied Workplace Leadership, Magna Cum Laude; Hailey Currie, BS-Accounting (4+1), Summa Cum Laude; Megan Dagenais, BS-Psychology; Vincent De Mey, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Loki Domina, BS-Anthropology; Timothy Drury, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Thomas Edgell, BS-Industrial Technologies, Magna Cum Laude; Brianna Ellison, BS-Mechanical Engineering Tech; Grace Emmendorfer, BSW-Social Work; Coleman Fields, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Brenden Finazzo, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt; Ryan Fletcher, BS-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense; Taylor Foster, BS-Marketing; Emily Fox, BA-English, Cum Laude; Alec Gadzinski, BS-Construction Management; Dustin Golden, BS-Political Science; Braden Golisek, BS-Public Relations; Hannah Goodall, BFA-Art and Design, Cum Laude; Raquel Green, BS-Environmental Science, Cum Laude; David Gregorich, BS-Biochemistry; Grace Gronowski, BS-English/Secondary Education, Summa Cum Laude; Skylar Guertin, BS-International Studies, Cum Laude; Keigan Hadley, BFA-Art and Design; Hannah Hale, BS-Marketing; Mandy Helppi, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Jason Hernandez, BSW-Social Work; Emily Hintermaier, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Michael Hoag, BS-Accounting; Samantha Holik, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt; Julia Holmes, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry, Cum Laude; Jack Horton, BS-Neuroscience/Behavr & Cognitve, Cum Laude; Emmalee Houle, BSW-Social Work; Grace Hoult, BS-Accounting (4+1); Hannah Howard, BS-Accounting; Indio Hubbarth, BS-Embedded Systems; Abigail Huberty, BS-Biochemistry; Alyssa Huiskens, BS-Biology; Madelyne Irwin, BS-English; Bria Isaacson, BSN-Nursing; Tyler Jablonski, BS-Biology; John Jukkala, BS-Construction Management; Zane Kinney, BS-Industrial Technologies; Elizabeth Klopf, BS-Criminal Justice; Cassandra Kruhmin, BS-Psychology, Magna Cum Laude; Donielle Kube, BS-Political Science; Kayla Lajoye, BS-Management of Health & Fitness; Sierra Lancour, BS-Clinical Health Science; Ian Larson, BS-Mechanical Engineering Tech; Paul Leow, BS-Art and Design; Cullen Lynch, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt; Brian MacDevitt-Dunn, BSW-Social Work, Cum Laude; Madison Malon, BS-Biology, Cum Laude; Marina Mankee, BA-Chemistry/ACS Certified, Magna Cum Laude; Cody Marecek, BFA-Art and Design, Summa Cum Laude; Sarah Martin, BS-Sports Science; Alexandra Martinez, BFA-Art and Design; Megan McIntire, BS-Clinical Health Science; Mary Melendez, BS-Sports Science; Michael Milkey, BS-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense; Taylor Miller, BS-Applied Exercise Sci/Hlth Mgmt; Ryan Morrissey, BS-Electrical Engineering Tech; Demetrise Mullen, BS-Sports Science; Logan Nauts, BS-Speech, Language & Hearing Sci, Summa Cum Laude; Cody Nehls, BS-Construction Management, Cum Laude; Amy Nelson, BSW-Social Work, Magna Cum Laude; Elijah Nieman, BS-Neuroscience/Behavr & Cognitve, Summa Cum Laude; Isaac Olson, BS-Criminal Justice; Patrick Opiela, BS-Sports Science; Brandon Patterson, BS-Criminal Justice, Cum Laude; Eric Penn, BS-English/Secondary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Faith Perala, BS-Management; Izabelle Peterson, BS-Biology; Jack Phillips, BS-Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude; Joseph Phillips, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Rishi Prasadh, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Chester Ransom, BSW-Social Work; Mitchell Rife, BS-Multimedia Production; Natalie Robinia, BS-Marketing, Summa Cum Laude; Alyssa Salmon, BS-Biology; Tricia Schultz, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain, Cum Laude; Kaitlin Sellers, BS-Public Relations

marquette –Ebyn Shambeau, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain

Marquette –Collin Shinners, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt; Jordan Simula, BS-Computer Science; Haylee Snyder, BS-Psychology, Cum Laude; Faith Turausky, BS-Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt; Gabriella Valot, BS-Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt; Dena VanEnkevort, BS-English, Summa Cum Laude; Andrew Vanwelsenaers, BS-Music; Matthew Vogt, BS-Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude; Nicole Weber, BSW-Social Work, Cum Laude; Noah Weimer, BS-Marketing; Emma Woelkers, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain; Thayer Yates, BS-Info Assurance/Cyber Defense

Michigamme –Seth Smith, BS-Business Analytics

Munising –Marissa Ackerman, BSW-Social Work, Summa Cum Laude; Evan Cromell, BS-Geographic Info Science & Tech; Nykole Fitzgibbon, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Frankie Mattson, BS-Mathematics/Secondary Ed, Magna Cum Laude; Kirsten Seaberg, BS-Accounting, Magna Cum Laude

Munising –Suzanne Stephens, BS-English, Magna Cum Laude

Negaunee –Taylor Bond, BSW-Social Work; Lucas Christianson, BS-Computer Science, Cum Laude; Andrew Duerfeldt, BS-History, Cum Laude; Kadin Fox, BS-History, Magna Cum Laude; Nicole Hanner, BS-Management, Cum Laude; Alek Harmeyer, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Kristina Herder, BSN-Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; Leah Kirchhoff, BS-History; Preston Koski, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain, Magna Cum Laude; Sabrina LaForais, BS-Art and Design; Tyler Matthews, BS-Earth Science, Summa Cum Laude; Jacob Paupore, BS-Business Analytics, Cum Laude; Alexis Peterson, BSN-Nursing, Cum Laude; Michael Pizziola, BS-Medicinal Plant Chemistry; Elliot Prusi, BS-Social Studies/Elementary Ed, Summa Cum Laude; Thomas Sheill, BS-Criminal Justice; Megan Syrjala, BS-Social Studies/Secondary Ed, Summa Cum Laude; Skylar Taavola, BS-Management of Health & Fitness, Magna Cum Laude; Michael Vallin, BS-Environ Studies & Sustain

Norway –Dane Stanchina, BS-Sports Science

Ontonagon –Jared Kelly, BS-Fisheries and Wildlife Mgmt, Cum Laude

Palmer –Travis Nelson, BS-Multimedia Journalism

Republic –Julianne Jarvi, BS-Language Arts/Elementary Ed

Skandia –Matthew Barnhart, BS-Finance & Risk Management; Abigale Newkirk, BS-Environmental Science; Emma Rondeau, BS-Biology, Magna Cum Laude; Taylor Silta, BS-Biology, Magna Cum Laude

Trenary –Claire Ellis, BS-Public Relations; Aaron KnausBS-Theatre & Entertainment Arts, Magna Cum Laude

Master’s Degree

Champion –Jason Haskell, MS-Mathematics; Anthony Webb, MS-Mathematics

Escanaba –Jennifer Sylak, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision

Ewen –Branden Broniewicz, MAE-Educational Instruction

Hancock –Blaire Zenner, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision

Iron Mountain –Ashley Kleikamp, MAE-Educational Instruction

Ishpeming –Sara Solberg, MFA-Creative Writing

Manistique –Shelby Carlson, MS-Exercise Science

Marquette –Taylor Bitnar, MS-Athletic Training; Caro Els, MS-Exercise Science; Ronald Ferguson, MFA-Creative Writing; Esteban Gutierrez, MS-Athletic Training; Haley Holmstrom, MS-Athletic Training; Jennifer Johnson, MA-English; Sarah Lucas, MPA-Public Administration; Andrew Mady, MA-Higher Educ & Student Affairs; Jordan Porter, MS-Applied Behavior Analysis; Abigail Purmal, MAE-Educational Admin/Supervision; Erica Smith, MAE-Reading Specialist (BR); Emily Vaughn, MAE-Learning Disabilities

Negaunee –Jacob Bowman, MS-Biology; Danielle Keough, MS-Applied Behavior Analysis; Zak Linczeski, MS-Exercise Science; Kelsey Potes, MA-Arts and Sciences; Teal Rintala, MAE-Learning Disabilities

Skandia –Rachael Nelson, MS-Psychological Science

Education Specialist

Bruce Crossing –Alan Tulppo EDS-Educational Admin/Supervision

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