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ENTRENEURSHIP has become a valued aspect of modern business because of its capacity to drive positive change not only at the commercial but at the societal level. Common features of entrepreneurship are small size and agility. It is also closely linked with innovation, i.e., the ability to improve upon what is already available to meet changing market needs. It might be said that entrepreneurs keep the face of business fresh. And especially in the current Covid-sensitive environment, the value of entrepreneurship has been made clear.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are closely intertwined with technology, as there is hardly a facet of any product or service development that is untouched by technological advances. In fact, Covid has also brought to the fore, in no uncertain way, the need for technology integration for every business of any size.

Several years before Covid, however, the T&T Chamber recognised the significant impact of both entrepreneurship and technology upon our economy, and introduced the categories of Entrepreneurship and Business Technology to its annual Champions of Business Awards back in 2014. Both categories have continued strongly over the years, with both finalists and award recipients receiving significant exposure as a consequence.

To reach the finals, an internal committee of the Chamber considers nominations for each category and selects finalists. From among these, two recipients will be selected to receive an award in each category. These recipients will be announced at the televised Grand Gala Finale on November 19. We invite you to meet the finalists:


(Sponsored by the

Unit Trust Corporation)

• Guru Fitness a fitness forum established by Luke Hernandez providing training both locally and internationally —the latter which they began to offer at the start of the pandemic. Upon closure of gyms, Guru leveraged the power of social media and online platforms such as Zoom to reach and grow its customer base. Guru offers seven styles of training, delivered either outdoor in person or online.

They also train children ten years and over. The service is available 24/7 and in the past 18 months, over 500 workout routines have been placed online for clients. Apart from this, they provide two free workouts each week.

• Montano’s Chocolate Company Limited aims to help strengthen the domestic farm to market supply chain, producing cocoa and cocoa products for local industry and niche export market expansions. They currently produce and distribute the Machel Montano 60 per cent dark chocolate to the local market and some foreign niche markets. They are proud of the quality of their chocolate, which has no preservatives, mold inhibitors, emulsifiers or additives. Additionally, they have plans to add cocoa nibs, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. At present, the company is building its capacity by investing in a chocolate factory.

• Tech Beach Retreat is a global technology community platform, built to support the growth of innovation in the Caribbean, providing technology summits and events, technology education and accelerator programmes, and technology investment funds. Tech Beach has built a community that convenes some of the best minds and biggest brands in technology, at a scale that has not been done in the Caribbean before. They have established partnerships with the leading technology brands such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, with the purpose of directing resources to develop the Caribbean. Anyone can purchase a ticket to their events, or apply to participate in one of their accelerator programmes.

Business technology

(Sponsored by bmobile)

• eboxTENDERS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Platform that uses world class technology to facilitate a leading-edge Supply Chain Management Solution through digital transformation. The collaborative platform is paperless, created to increase efficiency and drive down costs of doing business, while providing valuable technical and customer service support. It offers vendor management, eRFQs, eTenders and eAuctions which facilitate reverse bidding. The solution is backed by industry leading security and cloud-based architecture, hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

• medl Limited uses technology to improve healthcare and medication via an online pharmacy. medl offers doctors and users of prescription drugs free access to a secure end-to-end prescription platform which provides contactless delivery of prescribed medications, refill reminders and support and advice from in-house pharmacists. Doctors can also monitor patients’ medication and compliance. This solution also reduces medication costs for platform users since the online business model cuts out the cost of a brick and mortar retail establishment.

• Novo Farms is a division of the Novo Group. It was established by Glen Ramdhani in 2017 for the purpose bringing transformational change within the agricultural sector using innovation.

At the beginning as an agri-tech start-up it used a technology platform to replicate temperate climatic conditions for foreign crop production.

The company incorporated its technological experience and assimilated its services into the agro-processing initiative with the ability to monitor crop data analytics and trace elements from source of farmer’s. The technology also includes solutions enabling a full value added experience from farmer to consumer.

The Champions of Business Awards is one of the T&T Chamber’s Annual Signature Events. Since 2020, because of Covid restrictions, the gala ceremony has been presented as a televised programme which is also livestreamed from CNC3 TV beginning 8 p.m. on November 19.

Altogether, there are six categories of Award, including: Entrepreneurship (sponsored by Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation); Business Technology (sponsored by bmobile); Internationally Known…T&T Owned Company of the Year and Breakthrough Exporter (sponsored by EximBank of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.); Green Agenda and Business Hall of Fame (sponsored by The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd). Award recipients in each category are all Champions of Business.

The excitement is building as we head to November 19, so save the date and tune in!

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