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Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said that there is “no great evidence yet of any mass dumping of data” from the HSE data hack.

Ministers and officials have warned that patient data may be published today by the Russian hackers who stole the data.

Mr Martin said that hospitals services were coming back as the HSE systems are rebuilt and that the decryption key provided by the hackers is helping.

Speaking to Claire Byrne on RTE radio this morning, Mr Martin said: “So far we haven’t seen any significant dumping of data”.

“If anyone has any suspicions, if anybody comes across any data, if you see it don’t share it”, he said. “Report it; that’s the simple message we have – report it to the gardaí.”

“It is criminal, these are criminals who will seek to exploit this data”, he said. “But again, we’ve had very good cooperation with social media companies, who have been very proactive with the Government in relation to this and have agreed to shut down anything and take it down as quickly as they see anything.”

A review of the main ransomware data dump websites used by cybercriminals such as the Wizard Spider collective showed no evidence of HSE data being published this morning.

There was also no evidence either of HSE data for sale on the main darkweb marketplaces used by cybercriminals. However, officials still believe publication is likely.

Sooner rather than later

“We’re thinking sooner rather than later,” said one security source.

The gang had given the HSE until today to pay a €16.4 million ransom to stop publication. The Government has insisted no money will be handed over.

“There’s always a chance something else could intervene to stop them in their tracks but we’re not holding our breath,” said another source.

As authorities continued to monitor the darkweb and online media platforms frequented by criminal gangs, the Garda has also advised that anyone contacted about their medical history in suspicious circumstances should contact their local Garda station immediately.

The Garda said tis National Cyber Crime Bureau was continuing its criminal investigation into the cyber attack on the HSE in conjunction with local and international partners.

The Garda said it had not been confirmed “with full certainty” that personal records which have already been circulated , although it was “probable” that such a move would feature.

On Sunday HSE chief executive Paul Reid had said there was a “high risk” criminals behind the cyberattack attack would fulfil their threat to release patient details today.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said no ransom “has been paid by this government directly, indirectly, through any third party or any other way. Nor will any such ransom be paid.”

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