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Nintendo’s fight against hackers continues to worsen now that the company has filed another lawsuit against a Switch hacker.

Earlier this year, Nintendo of America stepped up its fight against hackers by filing two lawsuits requiring an injunction in US courts. The reason why Nintendo is doubling down its battle against hackers is to prevent the distribution of pirated software that violates the company’s copyright protection.

Last October, Nintendo reported that it won its previous lawsuit against hackers for $2 million. Now, it appears that the company is filing yet another lawsuit to go after more hackers who are distributing pirated copies of Switch games. In this case, Nintendo’s lawyers allege that an Amazon reseller who goes by the name Hoang Minh has violated Nintendo’s copyright measures by selling an RCM Loader, which is used to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch.

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According to documents obtained by Polygon, the lawsuit was filed in a Seattle court on Wednesday, and Nintendo outlined the offense calling it a “serious, worsening international problem” in relation to video game software piracy. Moreover, the lawsuit details that these RCM Loaders were able to bypass Nintendo’s security systems. To the uninitiated, RCM Loaders are USB devices that are plugged into the Switch console, allowing users to play pirated games illegally.

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Additionally, the lawsuit revealed that Nintendo has since sent a DMCA notice to the seller, and a counterclaim has been issued. Due to the counterclaim, Amazon was bound to relist the seller back to its stores, prompting Nintendo to file an infringement lawsuit. It is worth remembering that Nintendo went after Team Xecuter in its previous lawsuit, and the company has revealed that the Amazon reseller is also selling Xecuter’s products, including SX OS, which is Team Xecuter’s software, and other similar products alongside RCM Loaders. At the moment, some RCM Loaders are still appearing in an Amazon search, but the specific listings that Nintendo cited in its complaint have been taken down.

Of course, given the popularity of the Nintendo Switch ever since its launch back in 2017, it is not surprising that illegal hardware and software are being created in order to profit from Nintendo’s products. It is worth noting that Nintendo is notorious for protecting its brand at all costs, and the company has even sent cease-and-desist letters to YouTubers for broadcasting footage and music of its intellectual properties. While this latest lawsuit’s outcome remains to be seen, it is likely that Nintendo will once again be successful in its latest battle against Switch hackers.

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