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And it’s coming to more apps soon

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Every few months, Google rolls out a brand new set of apps, widgets, and more to Pixel users through a Feature Drop. This month’s update even included an all-new software version, with the final Android 12L release hitting devices. There’s a lot to love in this latest patch, including the addition of Night Sight to Snapchat. Now, Google has released an all-new app on the Play Store to bring its camera enhancements to the social network — although most people can’t use it just yet.

A new update for Pixel Camera Services went up on the Play Store today, and it sounds like a promising start to new third-party partnerships. The listing specifically notes it’ll bring features “like Night Sight” to apps installed on your phone. It doesn’t mention Snapchat — the only supported service thus far — by name, and the language used seems to imply Google will add additional partners down the road. That could mean competitors like Instagram could get the same benefits Snapchat received in this month’s Feature Drop.


However, this app has launched at an odd time. The Play Store description notes that only Pixel 6 and 6 Pros can take advantage of Camera services, and indeed, trying to install the app on older Google phones isn’t possible without an APK. March’s security patch, which also launched last week, is listed as required, though some users have noted it’s working on their devices without it. Likewise, although Google hasn’t announced it, it seems the extension should work with any app that supports the Camera2 extensions API.

Still, with any luck, this app’s appearance on the Play Store means the March patch for Google’s latest phones is coming sometime this week. After all, users have had to suffer through sporadic Wi-Fi issues for over a month now — to say nothing of the other problems plaguing the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Grab it from the Play Store or download the APK directly using APK Mirror.


Working on phones without March patch

Despite Google’s warning in the Play Store listing, Night Sight for Snapchat is now working with Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices — even without the March patch. The extension also works with any app that supports the Camera2 extensions API. We’ve updated our coverage.

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