Nigeria: Attack leaves 32 dead in Kajuru area of Kaduna State June 5 | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

09 Jun 2022 | 06:00 AM UTC

Unidentified assailants kill 32 civilians in the Kajuru area of Kaduna State, Nigeria, June 5. Violence likely to persist.





Unknown assailants attacked several villages in the Kajuru Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State on June 5. The attack left at least 32 people dead and an unspecified number unaccounted for, while several houses and infrastructures were burned down.

Authorities will almost certainly maintain a heightened security presence in the vicinity of the incident and may launch targeted operations in the region to apprehend the assailants. Localized transport disruptions, such as checkpoints, are likely along main roads.


Nigeria is affected by armed gangs (also called bandits) that engage in cattle rustling, looting, extortion, and kidnappings for ransom, among other criminal activities. The threat is elevated in the northwest, where officials have failed to stem insecurity despite various security measures implemented in recent months (such as increased operations, curfews, and business restrictions) in an attempt to curtail violence. High-profile attacks have been reported in Kaduna State, including against a Kaduna-bound train March 28 and the Kaduna International Airport (KAD) March 26.


Heed all official directives. Exercise a high degree of vigilance due to the threat of violence and kidnapping. Do not discuss plans and routes publicly. If operating in the area in the long term, vary routes and times of travel and ensure the use of secure transport. Maintain contact with diplomatic representations.

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