Nicolás Kreplak spoke after the hacking of his social networks: “It was done from a CABA computer” | #computerhacking | #hacking

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplakreported this Friday that Justice managed to identify the area in which the hacking of his Twitter account was carried out last Wednesday, and detailed that his email was also intervened.

“On Wednesday my phone line was hacked and my social media accounts and emails were accessed. They tweeted irrationalities and tried to download all the information that everyone has in their emails today. We moved fast and they didn’t complete it,” Kreplak wrote.

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The minister reported it through his Twitter account, after citing one of the tweets that caused the most repercussion, which said: “All those who got the vaccine today at 00 are going to become Robots.”

In the same thread, Kreplak thanked all the people who helped him “in the recovery process” and reported: “It was possible to identify that the attack was made from a computer in the City of Buenos Aireswhere the clear intention was to appropriate my personal and work information”.

The statement from the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, after the hack. (Photo: Twitter Capture).

Then, the official announced that he had already made the complaint and said: “The objective of damaging the institutionality was clear and those responsible must be found.”

“This type of situation, far from intimidating us, gives us more strength. We are not alone and we will not stop. Thanks to each and every one of you,” he added.

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What were the tweets they posted on Nicolás Kreplak’s account

Among the messages that appeared on his Twitter account last Wednesday, there was talk about the coronavirus vaccine and against Cristina Kirchner. “All those who got the vaccine today at 00 are going to become Robots”, was the first publication. Then two more politicians came, one against the beneficiaries of social plans and the other against the vice president, Kreplak’s political boss.

One of the tweets published from the Twitter account of Minister Nicolás Kreplak.  Photo: Capture
One of the tweets published from the Twitter account of Minister Nicolás Kreplak. Photo: Capture

“Let’s see if these planners come out to work one day…” was one of them and the other, citing a publication by the vice president about an event at the CCK, which said: “Tweeting but meanwhile people still don’t know that AstraZeneca has graphene.”

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Then, in a brief statement from the government of the Province of Buenos Aires, they explained: “It is reported that the mobile phone of the Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak, has been hacked this Wednesday afternoon and, at so much, all recent communications and publications issued from said phone and his personal accounts are of an apocryphal nature”.


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