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New malware is currently targeting Apple Mac developers. Security researchers explained that this new computer virus uses the coding platform’s scripting features to install malicious backdoor codes onto the affected Apple devices.

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According to Apple Insider’s latest report, the new malware called XcodeSpy is attacking Xcode developers. It affects the Xcode integrated development environment or IDE on macOS. This is currently a serious issue since Xcode files are important to Apple developers. 

They are currently using these files to develop Apple Store applications for MacBooks, iPhones, and other gadgets. Sentinel Labs’ researchers were the first experts to discover the new malware on Mar. 18.

To give you more idea, here are other things that the security experts found. 

How dangerous is the new Xcode malware? 

Researchers at Sentinel Labs explained that the new computer virus exploits the Run Script feature in the IDE to infect Apple developers’ gadgets using their shared Xcode projects.

Here are other things they discovered:

New Malware Copies Legitimate Xcode Project and Targets Apple Mac Developers; How to Avoid It

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  • XcodeSpy is a malicious Xcode project that installs a custom variant of the EggShell backdoor on the developer’s macOS computer along with a persistence mechanism.
  • The XcodeSpy infection vector could be used by other threat actors, and all Apple Developers using Xcode are advised to exercise caution when adopting shared Xcode projects.
  • The backdoor has functionality for recording the victim’s microphone, camera, and keyboard and the ability to upload and download files. 

How to avoid the new Apple malware

The security experts said that Apple developers should now be extra careful when opening third-party Xcode projects. They added that since this is a new computer virus, the future victims would more likely be the new or inexperienced developers. 

They suggested that developers should practice caution. This means that they should check for malicious Run Scripts when using third-party Xcode projects. Aside from these, the Apple Mac developers should also inspect individual projects for malicious Run Scripts in the Build Phases tab. If you want to know further details, all you need to do is click here.

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