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NB: Assuming that you’re going for a Debian derived distribution

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What on Earth is Linux?
Just like me a few years ago many people think of “Ubuntu” when they hear Linux, and it isn’t just because of how popular Ubuntu is but, because people don’t know the difference or that there are alternatives.

I know people in different fields funny enough some in IT who don’t know of alternative Operating Systems. They know Mac, Windows and some Ubuntu. But, many of those people don’t know of alternative Ubuntu Distributions and flavors like Arch, Fedora and Debian.

To be honest it took a while for me to know that there was a difference even after I started using Ubuntu. I believed for a while that I could use apt-get install && update on anything that had a Linux Kernel. Man I was wrong, and you are too.

Today I’m going to help you with things to consider before jumping into Linux (even if it’s not Ubuntu). First things first what is Ubuntu?

screenshot by the author Ubuntu official site

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based on Debian, the OS is mostly composed of free and Open Source software. Ubuntu has officially three editions: Desktop (self explanatory/everyday-use), Server and Core which is used for IOT.

Besides the three editions Ubuntu has flavors which are basically Linux Distributions with an Ubuntu back-bone with their own themes, Desktop Editions and a few technical touches which we do not need to cover today.

So, if I’m new to this why should I start with Ubuntu?

You shouldn’t but if you do it’s a great move because Ubuntu is …

author screenshot Ubuntu official site

Free and Open-Source

This shouldn’t come as a surprise most popular distributions are free and Open-Source, this is so common in the Linux world that paying for a Linux Distribution after testing so many for free may sound a bit unfair. Be as that may, this system is free open source and comes packed with most apps that are available and compatible with Linux.

Popularity and Compatibility

Let’s talk compatibility first — With no exaggeration most apps and programs that are made available for Linux are made for Ubuntu first and at times only Ubuntu. With this you don’t miss necessary updates with games, and other apps that were first available for Windows that are slowly switching to Linux.

This isn’t official obviously but Ubuntu is like the face of Debian derived Distributions and most of the Linux Systems we use are based on Ubuntu like Mint, Pop and Zorin OS.

Popularity — This isn’t about being part of an everyday growing number of individuals who enjoy using certain devices (like Apple products) this comes in handy in terms of problem solving or difficulties and how we get to solve them. This part doesn’t involve statistics but Ubuntu’s community is quite large.

And it goes beyond just the community. As a new user whatever problem you encounter or question you have regarding the system or your device compatibility with the system there’s already a question and answer for you online. This doesn’t mean that other Operating Systems won’t provide the same result or facilitation but Ubuntu has all the man power.

If the ordinary Ubuntu distribution doesn’t do it for you you can try these other Operating Systems by Ubuntu;


ubuntu-budgie official page

A clean desktop and powerful desktop with security in mind. This is not like Pure-OS but security updates on Budgie are continuous and not once a month, something that stands out compared to other distros. Apart from the Desktop feel and tweaks everything else you expect from Ubuntu should be available in Budgie.


Ubuntu studio official site

This is probably the most popular distribution in this list and very popular for obvious reasons. Ubuntu studio uses the plasma desktop by KDE but can be installed on any other official Ubuntu flavor where you can choose which studio programs to run on your system.

Ubuntu studio is ideal for creative individuals who deal with either sound, video, audio, graphics and or photography.


lubuntu official site

Your ideal OS for everyday use lightweight and packed with everyday apps to get you going like PDF reader, image editor, music, video players and more.


Kubuntu official website

This flavor of Ubuntu comes with a KDE plasma desktop as expected it is fast, sleek with an interesting look. But, after all this is KDE we’re talking about. This OS is mobile friendly and ready, thanks to KDE connect interacting with your PC Desktop to your phone or tablet is an option.


Ubuntu mate official site

Although the green may be a little too much for comparison if you’ve used Linux Mint this has to make you think of it for at least a second. A customizable desktop environment packed with all the Ubuntu goodies.


Xubuntu official site

This community project comes with Fxce, a clean light and easy to use Operating System. Xubuntu claims to be perfect for those who want the best out of their devices.

Ubuntu Klyn

Ubuntu klyn official site

According to Ubuntu this one is focused on the need of chineese users. The official webpage says quite enough. Packed with all the interesting features from Ubuntu and more. Unlike most Systems they offer not only the system for download but also their wallpapers for grabs. Definitely another must try O.S.

What do you think, does this make you want to try Ubuntu, do you now have a good enough reason to?

Would you try something else instead? Make sure there’s an active community behind whatever distribution you choose because sooner or later you’ll need some help.

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