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CHARLESTON — West Virginia residents who spot something amiss related to voting will have a way next year to report it quickly and directly to Secretary of State Mac Warner’s office.

Called the “See Something, Text Something” election security campaign, a cell phone can used to report a suspected irregularity.

Warner announced the new program Monday, saying the text-to-report technology makes it easier than ever to report possible violations as well as help prevent issues.

“On one hand, the easy-to-use text to report technology will encourage people to report possible election fraud, while on the other, the accessibility and speed of the ability to report will deter offenders from engaging in errant behavior,” he said. “With investigators situated around the state, the immediate transfer of information will allow them to get to work quickly.”

All complaints are confidential and will be sent directly to the Secretary of State Investigations Division.

“In West Virginia, we’re continuing our effort in making it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” said Warner. “The general public plays a vital role in helping my office and our county clerks keep elections fair and secure.”

Using technology is a logical step, he added.

“The See Something, Text Something! campaign is another way for us to use today’s technology to increase voter confidence in the election process,” Warner said. “The higher the level of confidence, the higher voter participation is in our elections.”

Mercer County Clerk Verlin Moye said very few problems are ever seen in the county.

Even during the contentious 2020 General Election, only two issues surfaced, he said, involving two residents who may have voted twice and that is being investigated.

“Other than that, we get a lot of false alarms,” he said, when people think they saw something but there was nothing to it.

Moye said any complaint is investigated.

He said poll workers are also very well versed in what to look for and keep a close eye on any possible issues, even if they hear someone try to talk another voter in changing their minds inside the precinct, which is not allowed.

“These polling places have to be very secure,” he said. “We are being proactive at all times. We don’t have much of a problem here.”

“We are very excited to support the security efforts of the West Virginia Secretary of State making reporting of election issues as simple as possible,” Lee Durham, CEO of Global Mobile, the company providing the technology for the platform, said in the announcement.

Warner said a national study released by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the 2020 election cycle reported that West Virginia was one of the top 10 states in the nation in voter confidence.

Last month, Democracy Works, a national non-partisan organization, presented the WV Secretary of State’s Office with the organization’s “Voter Information Project VIP Partner Award” for effective communication with voters and transparency with the general public.

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