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DECATUR, Ala. — Decatur police are warning about a new twist on an old scam that’s luring in victims.

DPD says that scammers are calling residents of about debts they allegedly owe to Apple Pay and other companies. The scammers then tell potential victims to immediately pay these debts using various methods. When people decline to make any payment, the scammer then claims the “case” is being forwarded to the Decatur Police Department for prosecution.

The new twist?

The individuals call back by spoofing the department’s phone number, claiming to be a Decatur Police Department investigator. They then ask for payment over the phone to “satisfy the debt and avoid arrest.”

The Decatur Police Department says it will never request any type of payment by any method over the phone to include, gift cards, debit/credit cards, or cryptocurrency.

If you believe that you have been targeted or been victimized by this scam, please contact the Decatur Police Department at 256-341-4600.

Reminders to protect yourself from scams:

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