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Even before the appearance of macOS 12 alias Monterey, Apple published a new major version of its in-house browser Safari for the Mac – after it was already part of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The update is available for macOS 11 alias Big Sur and macOS 10.15 alias Catalina and is distributed via Apple’s software update.

macOS 10.14 alias Mojave, which had previously received all updates from Safari 14, will apparently no longer be supported in the future. This is unpleasant because this version of the operating system is still widely used – for the simple reason that Apple is the last to support 32-bit apps. Anyone who needs such programs for their daily work had to stay on macOS 10.14, as not every developer heaps their software to 64-bit. Apple recently failed to make an important security update for Mojave.

Safari 15 brings a whole range of innovations. In addition to an accelerated WebKit engine and improved security functions, there are now tab groups for the first time in which existing and new tabs can be sorted. It is controlled via a changed sidebar or a drop-down menu. Tabs also show – but not under Catalina – a new, rounder look and can (can be switched off) take on the color of a website. Furthermore, you can now synchronize the start page between devices. Apple also offers a new security function that automatically switches unsecured sites to HTTPS (SSL / TLS) if a corresponding version is available.

Safari 15 also includes a number of security-critical bug fixes. According to the list, which may not be complete yet, there are four fixed WebKit bugs alone, all of which could be used to execute code on manipulated websites. Again, this is extremely bad for Mojave users who are left unprotected. Safari is part of the system on all Macs.


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