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Ransomware Gang, GoodWill, is one of the newest in town, but it has its quirk, wherein it asks victims to feed “poor kids,” specifically KFC chicken or pizza from either Dominos or Pizza Hut, among other benevolent acts.

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It is worth noting that ransomware groups typically ask for hefty amounts of money, which, in most cases, are million-dollar worth of cryptocurrencies.

Ransomware Gangs Populist Demands

But these hacking gangs have recently become a bit more populist.

For instance, the hacking group, which goes by the name LAPSU$, previously hacked NVIDIA, stealing roughly around one terabyte of confidential files and source codes.

However, the ransomware gang surprisingly demanded the removal of Lite Hash Rate mining limiters on its RTX 3000 series.

This time around, a new group, which aptly calls themselves GoodWill, attempts to be the modern-day Robin Hood.

Ransomware Gang GoodWill

According to a recent report by PC Gamer, one of the latest hacking gangs, GoodWill, appears to be based in Mumbai, India.

Although the approach of GoodWill dramatically differs from other counterparts, it still involves infiltrating the system of its victims to steal or encrypt their files.

The whole hacking starts by getting access to the files of its victims by infecting the systems through malware.

Once GoodWill infiltrates the system, they begin encrypting the files to make them inaccessible to the victims — unless they could find a way to decrypt them right away.

That said, the hackers will then ask the poor casualty something in return, basically a ransom, to get their encrypted files back.

All of these steps are typical for a ransomware gang nowadays. However, GoodWill sets itself apart from other hacking groups in terms of its demands.

The gang asks for a couple of good acts from its victims before decrypting the files under its hostage.

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Ransomware Gang Demands: KFC, Pizza Donations

According to MalwareBytes, the GoodWill lays out at least three “activities” before the files get back to their rightful owners.

The first task involves donating new blankets and clothes to folks living on the streets. The whole activity needs to be documented in video and post it on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram stories.

After which, the attackers ask victims to feed at least 5 “poor children under 13 years” with Dominos, Pizza Hut, or KFC.

New Ransomware Gang GoodWill Feeds ‘Poor Kids’ with KFC or Pizza Through its Victims

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 BRISTOL, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 20: The KFC logo is pictured outside a branch of KFC that is closed due to problems with the delivery of chicken on February 20, 2018 in Bristol, England.

Lastly, the file owners are required to pay for the medical bills of a financially struggling person and share the goodwill on Facebook.

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