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The first show in the inaugural season features a down-to-earth and informative conversation with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure and Technical Fellow at Microsoft. Arsenault and Russinovich quickly dive into two critical topics of the day, cloud security and zero trust, sharing insights into changes advancing technology and the distinctive challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have driven in recent years.

“Microsoft Security is at the leading edge of creating a safer cyberspace for individuals and organizations alike, and we’re proud to have their incredible new podcast join our network,” said Peter Kilpe, the CyberWire’s CEO and Executive Editor. “With the pace of change in our industry, and the ever-evolving threat landscape, there’s a pressing need for practical guidance and the kinds of insights that security teams can put to use in protecting their own organizations. Bret’s show is a valuable resource for professionals.”

“I am a listener and a fan of CyberWire’s podcasts and am grateful the team was open to sharing the Microsoft Unlocked CISO series to its listeners, who are the same security practitioners I talk to every day,” said Bret Arsenault, Chief Information Security Officer at Microsoft. “My aspiration for the podcast is that it’s another useful forum to extend the conversations I have externally and internally with some of the smartest security minds in the industry giving listeners practical advice they can put into action now.”

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