New lawsuit filed against Skokie jewelry store in Rolex watch fraud case | #phishing | #scams

A new lawsuit filed Wednesday in Cook County circuit court claims a jewelry store in north suburban Skokie is part of a fraud scheme involving high-end watches.

Three employees were allegedly fired for telling management about fraudulent activity unfolding in the jewelry store.

The lawsuit alleges that C.D. Peacock in Westfield Old Orchard Mall was behind an international scheme to divert Rolex watches to Asia and selling them for huge profits.


C.D. Peacock is one of only a handful of authorized Rolex dealers in the world, but prosecutors said they used that privilege to illegally sell the watches to someone who then inflated the prices to be resold in Asia.

The employees who refused to participate and blew the whistle were fired.

Images showed how some of the alleged illegal business was done, using Facebook to sell the watches overseas, even a certificate claiming a watch was sold to Lebron James.

One employee was allegedly fired after a comment was made in a meeting, according to Haskell Garfinkel, of the Garfinkel Group, LLC.

“One of our folks in a meeting said to one of the members of management that they believed that they were ‘in bed together’ with the employee who was shipping these over,” Garfinkel said. “So she was fired for sexual harassment for saying that they were ‘in bed together’. Now we all know that the colloquial term ‘in bed’ here does not denote sexual harassment.”

C.D. Peacock has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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