New Hampshire Police Departments Warn Of Phony Scam Calls | #phishing | #scams

CONCORD, NH — Police departments in New Hampshire are warning residents of scammers requesting money to settle warrants.

The phone calls are scams.

Concord police reported Monday that capital region residents had received phone calls from people identifying themselves as Concord police officers. The phony officers would then tell potential victims there was a warrant for their arrest — but they could settle the warrant for cash without going to the police department.

“The phone number appears to be spoofed and intended to trick the recipient into believing that they are receiving a legitimate call from the city of Concord,” Det. Lt. Marc McGonagle of the Concord Police Department said. “This is a scam. The Concord Police Department does not ‘settle’ warrants in this fashion nor would any member of the Concord Police Department contact a member of the public to solicit money.”

In Manchester, residents there, too, were reporting a similar scam, according to Heather Hamel, the department’s public information officer. Residents who received the calls were told they owed thousands of dollars in court fees — and would be arrested if they hung up the phone.

“There are no calls of this nature originating from the Manchester Police Department,” she said on Tuesday. “If you get a similar call, do not send any money. Always contact your local police department to verify.”

Other departments around the state, according to posts on Facebook, were also warning their residents about similar scams.

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