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New DoorDash security updates would further protect the company’s drivers when they are completing their deliveries. The giant U.S.-based food delivery company confirmed this new effort on Wednesday, Nov. 3. 

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A Doordash sticker is seen on a window at Mallenche Mexican Grill in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn on December 04, 2020 in New York City. Food delivery startup DoorDash Inc is expected to raise its U.S. initial public offering up to $3.14 billion.

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The delivery service provider said that ADT Security Services, an American company that offers alarm monitoring services across the United States, would help it protect DoorDash drivers. 

On the other hand, the American food courier said that the new security features are expected to be rolled out to all DoorDash employees by the end of 2021. 

The latest app security enhancements were announced after some reports confirmed that various DoorDash delivery drivers were assaulted during their operations. 

New DoorDash Security Updates

According to ABC News’ latest report, one of the security updates that the DoorDash app would receive is a button that allows drivers to connect to ADT agents when they feel unsafe. 

New DoorDash Security Update Connects Drivers To ADT Agents: New Emergency-Assistance Button and More!

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A driver presents a Cruising Chauffeur, a hands free self-driving system designed for motorways during a media event by Continental to showcase new automotive technologies on June 20, 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The company presented new clean diesel technology, cable-less and other advances in electric car charging, smartphone technology for rental cars, driverless car advances and robotic taxi services.

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Once they use this feature, one of the ADT officers would stay on the line with them until the possible danger disappears or the delivery staff feels safe. 

But, if the driver suddenly disconnects from the call, the responding ADT agent would immediately call 911 and provide the latest details of the driver, such as location, last time they talked to each other, etc. 

Aside from this, DoorDash would also release another button that allows its employees to inform ADT personnel that they need quick assistance. In this feature, the responding ADT officer would contact 911 as-soon-as-possible while texting the delivery driver. 

DoorDash is not the only app making huge efforts to provide a better experience for its users. In other news, Instagram partnered with Pearpop for better social media collaborations. 

On the other hand, Microsoft also confirmed the release of its first Edge stable version for Linux distributions.  

DoorDash Drivers in Danger? 

ABC7 recently reported that a woman DoorDash driver was shot in La Mirada last Nov. 2. 

Investigators explained that the victim was shot twice while she was in her vehicle.

The driver explained that another driver was aggressively following her before reaching a stop sign. 

This just shows how important the new DoorDash security update really is. 

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