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Thinking of switching from an Android phone to an iPhone? It’s easy.
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Apple aimed a new video Monday at Android users who might want to switch to iPhone. The video answers the most common questions switchers ask, from transferring contacts to trading in handsets and much more — all in about 4 minutes.

The video comes as Apple prepares the iPhone 14 series for release and follows Cupertino’s surprisingly positive earnings results Thursday in which the company mentioned a record numbers of switchers from Android to iPhone.

New Apple ‘Switching to iPhone’ video makes the move easy for Android users

On Monday Apple put out a new video for Android users considering a switch over to iPhone. The video walks through common questions that switchers might have, including transferring photos, messages and contacts, making trade-ins, getting long-term updates and more.

The video also discusses ‌iPhone‌’s durability with topics like water resistance, battery life, iOS reliability, security and privacy protections for personal data.

Apple’s video about switching to an ‌iPhone‌ is, essentially, a short version of its “Switch to iPhone” website. It walks through everything smartphone users need to know about changing things up with an ‌iPhone‌.

In addition, Apple offers a dedicated “Move to iOS” Android app. It makes it easy to transfer data. And that’s shown in the video, of course. Watch it below.

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