Nationwide online banking down – leaving customers unable to move money for Christmas | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

The building society’s members have been reporting issues with cash transfers and getting into online banking, with some saying the issue could affect their festive period

The building society is having IT trouble today that are affecting its customers

Nationwide customers have been left unable to transfer money or access online banking today.

The building society‘s customers had problems transferring funds (57 percent), getting into mobile banking (21 percent) and using online banking services (22 percent), according to the DownDetector website.

Nationwide customers started reporting issues at around 7am today.

Outages are being reported across the country, with hotspots in London, Birmingham and Glasgow.

The building society’s Twitter account said: “We appreciate that this fault has happened at a horrible time for many people.”

It added that the company does not “currently have a timeframe for when this will be resolved”.

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The building society’s customers report being unable to access their accounts today



Nationwide customers took to social media to report issues.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, there is currently a delay on outbound payments reaching people’s accounts as well as inbound payments reaching Nationwide current accounts.

“We are working hard to resolve the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused. There is no need for people to resend payments and these will be processed as soon as possible.

“All other services are working normally, and members can continue to use their cards to pay for goods and services, access the Internet Bank and Banking App and withdraw cash from ATMs.”

Other Nationwide users said they were unable to get their pay packets as a result.

Earlier this month Nationwide issued a warning over cash tapping scams that are targeting people at cash points in the run-up to Christmas.

In a video sent out to the public, the lender urged people to check ATM machines before entering their card – adding that anything suspicious should be reported immediately.

The video starts with the line: “Is the cash slit clear? If you can see anything in it or it’s covered up don’t use the ATM and call us to report it.”

It goes on to explain that if you don’t see a flashing green or blue light when the ATM dispenses your funds, you should report this too.

And if you think you have fallen victim to the fraud, you should contact the bank immediately to secure your card and report it.

ATM cash trapping is one method used by cyber-criminals to attack cash machines.

The attackers physically insert a device inside the ATM, which traps cash that is allotted by the cash dispenser to the customer.

The device installed inside the ATM cash slot to trap money is known as glue-trap.

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