Nashville firefighter Josh Lipscomb ‘Black’ suspended for 16 days | #socialmedia

Nashville Fire Department’s chief issued a 16-day suspension to a four-year veteran firefighter for violating department policy over a contentious tweet about the city’s license plate reader pilot program.

Firefighter Josh Lipscomb, who performs as a comedian under the name Josh Black, called some Metro Nashville council members “white supremacists” in a Feb. 3 tweet for approving the program some regard as unwarranted government surveillance.

“I hate feeding into the illusion that America’s government and existence is legitimate, so I’m no fan of voting. But the majority of Nashville City Council is white supremacists. I know it’s boring, but millennials have to start caring about local elections,” Lipscomb tweeted under the username @SirJoshuaBlack.

Lipscomb did not identify himself as a fire department or city employee in the tweet. 

An NFD panel concluded that Lipscomb had violated department policy and should be suspended for 16 days. Records show Lipscomb will have to take the suspension without pay because he has no further time off accrued so far this year.

Thomas Lipscomb, a retired Nashville Fire Department assistant chief, pins a badge on his grandson Josh Lipscomb.

On Feb. 28, nearly a dozen Metro Council members voiced their support of Lipscomb in a letter to the chief.

“We are writing to state our support for Joshua Lipscomb’s appeal of disciplinary action levied against him,” 11 council members wrote. “We respectfully request you affirm Mr. Lipscomb’s right to share his opinions.”

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