My email, social media accounts were hacked: Hammad Azhar | #computerhacking | #hacking

Former energy minister Hammad Azhar on Friday claimed that his Twitter, email and Apple ID accounts were hacked on Thursday night.

The PTI leader, in a later tweet, stated that most of his credentials have been recovered since the incident. 

Sharing an unknown person’s picture, the PTI leader said his email display picture was changed to the individual’s picture and identified the person as Muhammad Sheryar.

Before Twitter restored the former minister’s account, Azhar had reached out to the microblogging website from a computer where his Twitter account was already logged in.

Later, he stated that IT experts had apprised him of how the ‘hacking’ took place.

“A phone locator (Fake Tower) was used to connect to my phone and access my text messages and data. From there they started sending reset requests to all accounts (emails, apple, Twitter). We have a fascist but very afraid govt in power,” Azhar explained.

“We have a fascist but very afraid govt in power,” he added.

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