Mumbai’s e-cell witnessed email hack, infected file sent to other units | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Reportedly, the email ID of the east region cyber cell of Mumbai witnessed an email hack and as a result, the phishing emails were sent to other police cells, along with an infected PDF file attached to it.

Maharashtra government faced a similar attack last year in October which was a malware-caused power grid failure. The PDF file was named “Terrorists behind JK Attack gunned down in Mumbai.” It was named like this for the authorities to think it is legitimate. Also, the subject line was named “Intelligence Inputs”.

The recipients who got the mail were instantly advised by the police, not to open the email as it may lead to function misfunctioning, and can further lead to leaking and stealing of sensitive information.

Researchers also said that the hackers might have used advanced software to access the email ID and password of the cell and hence that way they got access to the data. The officers said in a statement that they are trying to catch the criminals.

According to the reports of Times of India, it has been suspected that the attack was either made from Pakistan, Delhi, or from a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.

Even though there is no more information regarding this attack, the police are investigating and trying to catch the real victims of the cyberattack.

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