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Google has made it easier to format multipe text selections in Google Docs with a keyboard shortcut, and it’s a productivity game-changer.

A new feature added to Google Docs allows users to make multiple text selections at once and format the groups together, and it has the potential to be game-changing. Aside from the company’s other endeavors, ranging from developing Android to hosting YouTube, Google maintains its Google Workspace software and services. This includes Gmail and Google Drive, the collection of productivity web apps used by professionals, students, educators, and individuals. Drive has some features that set it apart from other word processors and application suites, namely best-in-class collaboration and sharing.


The new feature drop from Google was particularly unexpected since there was no mention of it during the Google I/O 2022 keynote. However, the company did announce a range of security and privacy features to protect users from phishing and malware scams on Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. It plans to use artificial intelligence to identify suspicious links on these platforms and alert users of the danger ahead. The move gives users peace of mind when opening links embedded within shared documents, but won’t have a meaningful impact on daily use. However, the new text selection feature is likely to change the way Google Docs is used.

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It will now be possible to select separate groups of text in a Google Doc at the same time and format all of the highlighted material together, Google announced in a press release. This means that if there are specific changes that need to be made to text scattered across a document, they can be done without affecting the in-between text. The feature started rolling out on May 25 and should be available to everyone by June 9. It’s available to all Google users, so the text-selection changes aren’t limited to paid accounts. The process for selecting multiple groups of text is as simple as a keyboard shortcut.

How To Use Multiple Text Selection In Google Docs

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Although Google Docs is a web application and can be accessed through different operating systems, the process for selecting multiple groups of text differs based on the type of system a person is using. For Windows and Chrome OS users, select the first portion of text normally. Then, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right Arrow to trigger the multiple text-selection user interface and move the left or right arrow to the other portion of text to be selected. On Mac, the keyboard shortcut is different. After selecting the first portion of text, pressing Ctrl + ⌘ + Shift + Left/Right Arrow triggers the multiple text-selection user interface, and users can then move to the other portion of text to be selected.

The new feature might take a little time to get used to, but can be a game-changer for casual users and power users alike. It should reduce formatting times considerably, as the previous implementation of text selection required users to individually format each desired portion of text. Now, text scattered across a document can be changed at once. For example, if a user wants to increase and bold the font of titles or subheadings throughout a document, they can select and change these portions in one action. In doing so, the text and other elements in between the titles and subheadings are left unchanged. Depending on the document, this could save a massive amount of time that would have been wasted on tedious formatting. It’s a relatively simple feature addition, but its presence increases the flexibility users have when formatting a document in Google Docs.

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